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Fuel catalyst with remarkable properties that improve considerably the performance of even fuels of mediocre quality. Adding our catalyst to fuels dramatically improves combustion so that toxic emissions released into the air are reduced by up to 90% with major savings in fuel consumption and equipment maintenance.


Greatly reduces fuel consumption

Prolongs engine life

Dramatically reduces smoke and polluting exhausts

Acts as a lead substitute

Reduces toxic emissions by up to 90%

Restores fuel injection system

keeps carburetors and fuel injectors "new and clean"

Continuous use of PuraGas:

Prolongs engine life

Reduces engine wear

Saves in maintenance

Saves un numerous and costly tune-ups

When PuraGas is mixed with all grades of gasoline, both leaded and unleaded, the engine works more efficiently. The vehicle runs better on regular gas with PuraGas than super or premium gas without PuraGas. PuraGas is the best gasoline catalyst available in the market today and, it significantly reduces polluting exhaust emissions.

Dosage: : 1 gallon per 2,000 gallons of gasoline

1 liter per 2,000 liters of gasoline

1 oz per 15 gallons (60 liters) of gasoline

Cleaner Fuels in Gas Stations

Zero Emissions Report

Because motor vehicles burn hydrocarbons using air as a source of oxygen, they emit a variety of combustion products, including carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbons (HC), oxides of nitrogen (NO) with small amounts of NO2, NOx and other possible trace gases.  Further, HC emissions can originate from fuel refining, transportation and distribution.  Emission of some gases has been recognized as requiring control when concentrations exceed public health-based air quality standards.  Until recently the production of CO2 by fossil fuel combustion was already thought to be environmentally innocuous, but fossil-based energy from all sources over many decades has noticeably elevated the global concentration of this gas and raised the issue of greenhouse effect.  In many countries, lead (a major source of harmful pollution), is still in use as an additive in gasoline.  As vehicle use and density have increased in recent decades, the concentration of motor vehicle combustion gases increased to the point that the need for emission controls has been recognized and corrective action has been taken.

In the United States, pollution regulations are extremely strict and enforced.  In general, vehicles that do not pass the emissions control, are vehicles that need an engine overhaul or a tune-up, or because carbon deposits from unburned hydrocarbon (HC) have accumulated inside the engine.

PuraGas not only lets the car or truck owner switch from Super and Premium to Regular gas for a better running engine, but also allows them to skip many expensive tune-ups.  Using PuraGas on a continuous basis helps reduce engine wear. PuraGas takes the place of lead substitutes and all other addtives, PuraGas also improves the performance and longevity of catalytic converters.  Continuous use keeps internal engine parts "new and clean" and adds years to the life of the car.

Following are emission sheets showing how PuraGas does the impossible, reduces Carbon Monoxide and HC to 0.00 in most cases.

The treated cars were not special vehicles that were either new or highly tuned.  They were ordinary cars driven by ordinary people.    Most had never seen a tune-up.  Many had previously failed emission tests.

Once PuraGas has been added to the fuel, every vehicle passed emissions testing with flying colors.  This was without a tune-up or adjustment.  No special instructions were given to drivers to do anything but add PuraGas to their tanks.

Smog Check Vehicle Inspection Report # 1

Smog Check Vehicle Inspection Report # 2

Smog Check Vehicle Inspection Report # 3

Smog Check Vehicle Inspection Report # 4

[PuraGas Emissions Test]

NOTE: With all ProTec fuel catalysts, it is best to double the dose at the time of first use. Some users find a heavier than recommended dosage to be more cost-effective on a continuous basis. In all ProTec Fuel Catalysts, the user can expect to see true cost-effectiveness, where the money savings from less fuel used more than offsets the cost of the catalyst. All ProTec Fuel catalysts are excellent Pollution Reducers and Fuel Extenders.

IMPORTANT: The use of the powerful combination of PuraGas and ProTec's Super Lubricants

PuraLube Supreme

PuraLube Concentrate

PuraLube Pre-Mixed in Oil

results in additional substantial maintenance-cost reductions and fuel savings.

Packaging: 55 gal. drum, 5 gal. pail


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