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When PT-Fuel Oil is added to No 6 (Bunker) fuel oil at the initial rate of 1 liter catalyst per 500 liters fuel oil, the first action is upgrading the fuel. If any incompatibility exists, the fuel becomes stabilized. Any water is eliminated through emulsification. Sludge and other dissolvables in the fuel storage are dissolved and converted into good usable fuel. The resident time is an important factor, the longer the catalyst resides in the fuel, the better the results can be expected.

Clogging of fuel lines is reduced. Filters remain cleaner longer with much less maintenance required. The viscosity of the fuel is lowered to where a significant lowering of the pre-heat temperature is possible.

The major benefit of using PT-Fuel Oil is in combustion improvement. The flame changes from a long, lazy, smokey-orange flame to a compact, bright and vibrant lemon-yellow flame. This is complete combustion occurring for the first time in the users’ equipment. The equipment runs better than it did when it was new. There is a large reduction in the amount of fuel needed compared to the amount needed before using PT-Fuel Oil. As there is complete combustion occurring, every last drop of the fuel oil is burned. This ends all air pollution from fuel oil; there is no buildup of soot deposits. Practically no blowing of tubes is necessary. With time, the heat-transfer surfaces become clean of deposits and the boiler is restored to a clean condition. This high efficiency operating condition is maintained with continuous use of PT-Fuel Oil.

The elimination of soot deposit buildup on the interior surfaces of the boiler provides for a very efficient heat transfer thereby greatly lowering the overall stack temperature.

By eliminating soot deposits on the fireside surfaces, vanadium traces still present in the fuel oil have no place to deposit. This avoids the formation of V2 O5 (vanadium pentoxide) preventing the catalytic formation of SO3. Also, with fuel oil high in sulfur content (4%) the improved combustion resulting from use of PT-Fuel Oil prevents formation of the highly polluting "acid smut".

PT-Fuel Oil reduces sodium content in the stored fuel oil by up to 20 percent.

There is absolutely no other additive type, fuel oil treatment product available, anywhere, that will provide the improvements seen when using PT-Fuel Oil.

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